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A focus on core products

We are a pioneering seed company, specialising in Herbs, Baby Leaf Salad,

Oriental Vegetables and Microgreens for international markets.

A focus on core products

CN Seeds Gives Customers What They Want With a Focus on Core Products

The recent re-brand at CN Seeds is more than a cosmetic change in image of the company, it also sees a real change in the product range on offer. Having listened to our customers and found out what they want, we have rationalised our product range to focus on our core product categories of Herbs, Babyleaf Salad, Oriental Vegetables and Microgreens. This focus allows us to concentrate on offering customers premium service, quality and expertise.

Continued innovation is key to our success at CN Seeds and our breeding programmes link science, technology and nature to ensure a constant pipeline of new products. We are committed to bringing continued inspiration and innovation to our customers and pride ourselves on being the ‘go-to’ business for our market-leading varieties and seed development. To meet the dynamic needs of tomorrow's consumers our team is endlessly experimenting to develop new varieties that bring tangible benefits to our customers, society and the environment.


Since 1990 we have pioneered professional herb seed varieties and our focus remains in this category. We have an extensive range of culinary and medicinal herbs including the market leading variety, Coriander Cruiser, which boasts PBR and US utility patent. Coriander Cruiser is a very uniform variety with dark glossy leaves and a great flavour. The strong bolting tolerance of Coriander Cruiser makes it extremely adaptable for all season field crops and pot production.

The range also includes Dill Delight, a late bolting dill with an upright growth habit and dark blue/green leaves suitable for field growers looking for a high yielding variety for fresh cut or processing.


Disease tolerance, leaf appearance, flavour and shelf life are among the characteristics selected for in CN Seeds’ babyleaf salad breeding programmes. The NPD and breeding teams work closely with customers in order to develop leading new varieties to meet the requirements of growers and consumers as the market evolves.

With convenience and health at the forefront of shopper’s minds the demand for bagged babyleaf salads is on the rise and innovations in taste, colour, texture and enhanced nutritional benefits stimulate consumer demand. Aesthetics are playing an increased role too and we’re developing varieties that look as good as they taste! Pak Choi Rubi, boasts an eye-catching purple leaf with a contrasting bright green underside, bringing great colour to a cut salad. The thick leaves and upright growth habit make this variety the best friend of the harvester and processor. Another variety introducing great colour to a babyleaf salad is Bulls Blood Atlanta, a new addition to CN’s range this year, bolstering an already strong range of Bulls Blood varieties. This variety is heat tolerant, holding its deep red colour when temperatures are high, and so is the perfect variety for the mid-summer growing season.

Flavour and leaf shape are also very important characteristics of babyleaf salad varieties. Wild Rocket Sorrento, introduces a strong peppery flavour and highly serrated leaf shape into the mix. Similarly to Rubi, Sorrento has an erect growing habit and strong leaf structure which ensures ease of harvest. This variety also has a good holding ability, which means it is a great variety for the summer and autumn growing slots. For those who prefer the milder taste and faster growth cycle of salad rocket, Salad Rocket Uber fits the bill. Uber boasts beautiful dark green serrated leaves and is a very versatile product of great quality.

The peppery leaf of Landcress is every increasing in popularity; we offer a variety with elegantly lobed, thick, glossy leaves. Landcress is becoming widely popular in babyleaf salads and is also widely used among chefs worldwide - the strong pepper-like flavour making it a beautiful accompaniment to seafood and pork dishes in particular.


The rising popularity of home-cooking programmes and the International flavours showcased by celebrity chefs has caused a sharp increase in the demand for oriental vegetables. CN Seeds already offers a broad and exciting range of oriental vegetables and continues to develop new varieties to help our customers anticipate consumer demand.

The pak choi varieties on offer from CN Seeds have quickly become dominating varieties in the European market. Pak Choi Goku is an exciting new slow bolting hybrid for spring planting. It boasts glossy green leaves with long petioles and forms quality neat heads. Goku puts on weight quickly and holds well for a greater flexibility in harvest time. Pak Choi Yoshi is a great smaller spec pak choi perfect for the flow pack system. Yoshi is very strong against bolting and has a very tidy, compact plant habit.


Microgreens have taken the market by storm in recent years and with the rising popularity of cooking programmes and home cooking, we see food pairings of recipes with new or enhanced herb flavours as a growing trend as well as an appetite for mini plants as garnish.  

The dynamic team at CN Seeds has quickly brought through a microgreen range of over 150 varieties to the market. Microgreens have very short growth cycles and can be grown year-round with supplementary heat and lighting. The microgreen range on offer at CN exhibits a tremendous variety of colours, flavours and textures, with microgreens to match every dish. Salad Rocket Uber and Bulls Blood Atlanta (pictured below) are harvested at the microgreen stage; products harvested at this stage are densely nutrient packed and very flavoursome.


CN Seeds work with specialist breeding partners on pumpkins and edible squash varieties. CN boasts Harvest Moon F1, a reliable performer and the UK market standard for the Halloween trade. Harvest Moon is early maturing with bright orange skin and a fruit weight of 4-5 kg.

A culture of innovation is championed throughout our business. Our in-house seed processing, and seed technologies allow us to offer a flexible and reliable service which is traceable from our laboratories to your fields. Our progressive business model is designed to offer solutions for a variety of different customers and climates. We are continually developing seed enhancements to tackle the future challenges of food production and sustainability.


In collaboration with our growers, customers and academic partners, CN Seeds is firmly focused on the future and its mission to bring inspiration and innovation to customers; growing together through continual innovation.