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Plant breeding

Identifying traits of interest to maximise returns
Our breeding and commercial team work closely with customers to identify which traits of interest growers need to ensure they are more profitable whilst reducing the impact their operations have on the environment.

These include:
  • Providing better yields to allow growers to maximise their crop capacity.

  • Improving the tolerance of plants to pests and disease. This not only reduces a grower’s reliance on pesticides and fungicides, it also minimises the impact to the environment.

  • Improving the bolt resistance of many species, focussing on increasing the field holding ability and ease of harvest allowing growers to reduce labour inputs.

  • Innovation in taste, colour, texture and enhanced nutritional benefits which stimulate consumer demand for their produce.

Investing in the future
Our breeding team is able to utilise the latest plant breeding techniques such as marker assisted selection and associated transcriptomics. We have dedicated state-of-the-art facilities and equipment including, two laboratories and 2.5 hectares of glasshouse to develop and trial new varieties. Whilst we use many recently developed techniques, we do not underestimate the importance of continuing with traditional plant breeding methods. We believe new techniques and traditional methods of breeding are not mutually exclusive, we combine the best methods and incorporate the most suitable techniques necessary to develop the right product within a dynamic time frame.

At CN Seeds we are proud of our market leading varieties however, our innovation culture combined with our drive for continuous improvement ensures we are focussed on pioneering the next generation of elite varieties for our customers.

“They are forward thinking, young and vibrant bringing new products to the market year upon year” – quote from commercial grower