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Innovation Culture

Staying ahead of global food trends
We have created a culture that thrives on innovation and have a track record of being the first to market with herbs, baby leaf, oriental vegetables, microgreens and more recently, vertical farming. We recognise the global food sector is diverse and demands for new foods from across the globe is now more prevalent than ever before.

To enable our customers to capitalise on these emerging trends we understand we must be ahead of the market, innovating and taking risks by developing products and offering services that are niche and forward-thinking, so that we can grow together.

Pioneering partnerships
CN Seeds is recognized by Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership as a Top 100 Innovator in the Eastern Region. We use modern technology, absorb the latest research and learn new techniques and practices by working with experts from the fields of academia and industry with the aim of staying one step ahead.

We partner with research and development centres across the globe, including the world-renowned John Innes Centre in Norwich, to pool resources on several collaborative plant breeding projects. The result of all these ventures is that we have built a state-of-the-art breeding programme, and our staff are trained in the latest scientific techniques, which has helped us continue to build a portfolio of market leading varieties.

We aim to control as much of our product lifecycle as possible, examples include investing in new technology to improve our seed processing and dispatch operations. We also work with experts such as Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing to trial, learn and adopt new methods of working to ensure our business is managed effectively. As a result, we pride ourselves on delivering premium service, quality and expertise to our customers.

Investment in R&D
Using the latest technology, we are able to control as much of our product life cycle on site, including seed cleaning and treating. Our dispatch operations can clean, treat and pack seed to order allowing us to ship seeds overseas with a short lead time for our customers.

As a company, we have a complex site which requires significant energy supply. We were early to adopt the use of renewable energy in order to increase control and reduce the impact on the environment. We have invested extensively in renewable systems, including biomass, biogas, solar PV and rain water harvesting networks. We are able to manage our own energy supply using cheap and clean energy, whilst considerably reducing our carbon footprint. Using our own energy supply allows us to heat and light greenhouses throughout the winter, extending our breeding season to complete more generations each year and reduce the time frame required to develop new products.

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