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Sustainable solutions
Our progressive business model is designed to offer solutions to a variety of different customers and climates. We are continually developing seed enhancements to tackle the growing future challenges of food production and sustainability.

Much of our recent R&D work has focused on breeding new varieties with natural disease tolerance allowing our growers to reduce the use of chemicals whilst sustaining crop yields in the face of ever-changing pest and disease pressure.

“Each year they sponsor trials which they inspect and compare to existing crops for comparison” – quote from commercial growers

Investing in our future
We are keen to support smart thinking and the work of urban planners and environmentalists. Today over 38% of the total land mass on earth is committed to soil-based agriculture, as the world population grows this is unsustainable. A number of smart urban farming solutions are in development including vertical farming and hydroponics; CN Seeds is investing in breeding programmes and trials to understand the new opportunities that these growing conditions provide for our seeds.

“CN Seeds is generally ahead of the game and hot on new trials” - quote from Vertical Farm customer.

Investing in renewable energy
Our energy demands are considerable and we have invested heavily in renewable energy including solar PV, biomass and biogas. The company has an extensive network of rainwater harvesting systems around the site providing rain water to its plant breeding operations. When conditions permit the company is able to generate all its own energy and water demands in-house from renewable sources making it a carbon neutral operation.

Socially responsible
We are an equal opportunities employer and take our responsibilities seriously, we respect the diversity of employees, candidates and clients. We are very proud of our roots in Cambridgeshire and have a long association with the local community. We strive to be good citizens wherever we operate, recognising our responsibility to work in partnership with local communities.

As part of our innovation culture we aim to provide a safe environment for our people to learn, develop and flourish. We work together as a team to improve the future, bringing tangible benefits to our customers, society and the environment.