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Interview with Dan Nye, Managing Director

We are a pioneering seed company, specialising in Herbs, Baby Leaf Salad,

Oriental Vegetables and Microgreens for international markets.

Interview with Dan Nye, Managing Director


Founded in 1990, CN Seeds is a specialist seed company based in Cambridgeshire, UK. It is an international market leader in Herbs, Baby Leaf salad, Oriental Vegetables and Microgreens and has successfully pioneered many elite varieties. CN Seeds is a true pioneer and is committed to investing in leading-edge science as well as collaborating with leading research institutions such as world renowned John Innes Centre.

Q: This month CN Seeds has unveiled new branding. What’s the philosophy behind the rebrand?

A: We wanted to celebrate all that makes CN Seeds the success that it is today and felt a new identity would help set out our values, purpose and mission. The logo has been reimagined to modernise it and reflect the evolving company proposition as an international market leading seed and plant breeding company. The new logo has great standout and the fresh green looks and feels exciting as well as working well across social media and international markets.

Q: What are your new brand values?

A: Our core brand values remain the same as always however we hope that our new brand identity reflects our intention to meet the needs of the market and our customers through continual innovation.

The new branding is a fresh, dynamic take on the traditional CN Seeds values of premium service, quality and expertise but we feel it also captures our pioneering spirit and our commitment to science which drives our world-class innovation in Herbs, Baby Leaf salad, Oriental Vegetables and Microgreens.

Q: What does the rebrand mean for you and your colleagues?

A: We want to express our innovation culture and demonstrate just how passionate we are about delivering a world-class service. Our team is the best in the business and we’re very proud of that.

Q: The seed market has changed considerably since 1990 what has been the secret to your success?

A: Our growth in recent years has come from our willingness to adopt new technology and techniques to accelerate product development times, improve operational efficiency and enhance product quality. Investment in in-house seed processing and seed technologies has allowed us to offer a flexible and reliable service, traceable from our laboratories to growers fields.

The last couple of decades have seen an enormous amount of growth in the baby leaf salad market and CN Seeds has been at the very forefront of this development. We pride ourselves on being experts on Baby Leaf and upcoming seed varieties and we have evolved a business based on service, quality and expertise and forged strong collaborative partnerships based on honesty and transparency. Our new strapline, ‘growing together’ celebrates these valued long-term partnerships with customers based on trust and transparency.

Q: What does the future hold for CN Seeds?

A: We are all excited about the future! We are investing in leading science and technology and collaborating with customers and academic institutes to continue pioneering work in the field of plant breeding and seed treatment. Innovation is key to our success, the breeding programmes we have in place link science, technology and nature to ensure a constant pipeline of new products.

There are many well documented social, environmental and economic challenges facing food supply worldwide but we are investing in our business and our people to ensure we can help our customers meet these challenges.

CN Seeds aims to bring inspiration and innovation to customers so we can grow together.